Siperian and Universal Data Models Partner to Deliver Proven Data Models within an Adaptive Master Data Integration Architecture

Strategic Partnership Provides a Comprehensive Integration Solution That Fits Specific Industry's Requirements While Reducing Project Risk

SAN MATEO, CA and CASTLE ROCK, CO – February 21, 2006 - In an effort to enable companies to reduce the time and costs typically associated with implementing both common and vertical specific data models, Siperian Inc., an award-winning master data integration and management software platform provider, and Universal Data Models LLC (UDM), a company that provides both common and industry template data model and data warehousing solutions, today announced a strategic partnership whereby Universal Data Model's comprehensive common and industry-specific data models can be utilized within Siperian's award-winning, flexible and robust master data management solution, Siperian Hub™. Leveraging UDM's comprehensive data models in concert with Siperian's adaptive and scalable master data integration architecture, enterprises can ensure the easy extension and modification of data models in order to precisely fit their current and future business requirements.

Utilizing re-usable "templates", the combined Siperian/UDM solution enables organizations to reduce project risks by applying proven data models which are modified to encapsulate their existing enterprise systems and meet specific business needs, and are delivered via a phased implementation approach. As a result, companies can achieve better organizational buy-in as there is no longer a need to accept a large, application-biased fixed data model or to develop a data model from scratch. Organizations save both the time and costs typically associated with developing enterprise and/or logical data models, which can be deployed faster, and can be fine-tuned for specific scalability requirements due to the integration of UDM with Siperian's inherent adaptive architecture.

With over 230 re-usable models, UDM enables customers to quickly incorporate common types of business domains including customer relationship management (CRM), product management, performance management, sales and marketing functions, order processing, logistics, invoicing, accounting, E-Commerce, and project management. In addition to these common models that are suitable for most businesses, there are industry-proven "universal data models" that extend the common models to several vertical specific industries including but not limited to: Financial Services, Insurance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Travel.

"By combining the award-winning capabilities of Siperian Hub with the common and industry-specific data models from UDM, organizations can create and leverage unified views of customers and related locations, products and assets across data silos, resulting in improved top and bottom line performance," said Darlene Mann, Chief Executive Officer of Siperian. "We look forward to offering our customers the UDM data models and more importantly to ensuring their ongoing success."

"Offering our mutual customers a set of robust data models that are integrated within Siperian's adaptive master data integration architecture allows them to realize faster implementation of their data models and gain the flexibility to extend the models as their business changes, while enabling access to the full lineage, history and audit capabilities of a robust MDM hub" said Len Silverston, founder of Universal Data Models and author of the best-selling book series The Data Model Resource Book, Volumes 1 and 2. "Universal Data Models has successfully helped organizations jump-start their data models and data warehouse design initiatives, while increasing both the quality of their modeling and design efforts. In fact, by leveraging UDM, our customers are able to customize the models for their specific use in very short amounts of time, usually measured in days, and they are often able to save millions of dollars."

About Siperian
Siperian Inc. offers an award-winning master data integration and management software platform—Siperian Hub XT™. Leveraging Siperian Hub, organizations can build and manage the most trustworthy hub for unified views of customer and related data entities such as product, supplier, employee, contract, etc. Siperian Hub delivers these unified, accurate views in a timely fashion across disparate operational and analytical applications within existing business processes, resulting in higher profitability across customer interactions, reduced operations costs, and increased accuracy for regulatory compliance. Siperian Hub's adaptive architecture is essential for managing multiple types of master data in rapidly changing business conditions—from adding new data sources and business rules to supporting distributed data governance regimes. With built-in data reliability and the highest published scalability benchmarks, Siperian Hub is fast becoming the standard master data integration platform in various enterprises, and across various business units and geographies. Siperian Hub can be implemented in stages within the current enterprise architecture and accessed through layer of business services for demonstrable business value at the lowest total cost of ownership. For further information, visit us on the Web at or call 1-866-SIPERIAN (1-866-747-3742).

About Universal Data Models LLC
Universal Data Models, LLC helps organizations substantially reduce the time and costs of data modelling and data warehousing efforts via its unique re-usable templates or Universal Data Models. Universal Data Models takes an efficient and quality approach to developing data architectures, data integration strategies, enterprise data models, logical data models, database designs, data warehouse designs, or data mart designs. Founder Len Silverston, the bestselling author of "The Data Model Resource Book," helps organizations jump-start, customize and implement universal data models as well as develop integrated data solutions via his books, articles, training, consulting and generic and industry data model repositories.