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Universal Data Models, LLC helps organizations substantially reduce the time and costs of developing enterprise data models, logical data models, database designs and data warehouse designs via its unique re-usable templates or Universal Data Models. UDM provides consulting, training, data model repositories and publications towards promoting re-use of data model components.

UDM was founded by Len Silverston, an expert on data modeling, data integration, and re-usable data models, methods and solutions in order to produce much higher quality models in a shorter period of time. Mr. Silverston is the author of the best-selling book series The Data Model Resource Book, Volumes 1 and 2 and the co-author of Volume 3 with fellow data model expert Paul Agnew.

Universal Data Models, LLC enables the integration of information, systems, and people via “Universal” solutions including models, services, tools and methodologies. These solutions include template industry data models, template Universal Data ModelsTM and Universal Patterns for Data ModelingTM for all enterprises, and “human dynamics” services to help in effective organizational and human interactions to promote integration.

Our Clients
We have been helping many of the leading organizations around the world integrate their data and develop quality data models in a fraction of the time that it normally would take. We have very satisfied customers in a wide variety of industries, including health care, banking, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing, financial securities, education, distribution, retail, travel, and more. Some of these organizations are global Fortune 100 enterprises with hundreds of thousands of employees and are the largest in their industry. Other clients are medium as well as small organizations.

Why Choose Universal Data Models (UDM)

    • Highest Quality Starting Data Models – By using these proven data models constructs, the enterprise can form a stable and more easy maintainable data model. Mr. Silverston has been data modeling for 25 years and has been developing and refining re-usable data models for the last 15 years. He has documented many of them in his best selling book The Data Model Resource Book and conducts public courses throughout the country, allowing him to receive great deals of feedback so he can continually improve the models. He has implemented these models in numerous diverse organizations, validating and updating the data models in an ongoing fashion.

    • Proven Data Model Constructs that Really Work – UDM has developed data models for numerous organizations who have gone on to use the models towards successful integrated application development efforts. In most cases, more than 60% of the client’s data model incorporated Universal Data Model constructs, allowing us to focus on the more unique aspects of the organization instead of on common constructs that have been already modeled.

    • Unparalleled Client Satisfaction – UDM has exceeded clients’ expectations on virtually every jump-start data model engagement thus far and is dedicated towards achieving unparalleled client satisfaction. UDM and Mr. Silverston are committed to doing whatever that is within our power to continue providing the highest levels of client satisfaction possible.

    • Tremendous Savings in Time and Costs – UDM has continually refined the approach, and has helped many organizations develop their data model in a fraction of the time that it would normally take, while increasing the quality of their models.

    • Best Selling Book for Clear Documentation – Mr. Silverston’s book The Data Model Resource Book provides precise documentation and examples of data instances. This provides clients with a clear guide towards understanding the rationale behind many of the base ‘universal data model’ constructs. The book was rated as #12 on the Computer Literacy Best Seller list and has already sold tens of thousands of copies.

    • Data Model Resource Repository for Jump-Starting the Effort and Providing a Valuable Reference – Universal Data Models clients can license the library of models as part of our engagements (or on their own) and this provides the latest versions of the Universal Data Model repository. The repository contains over 230 subject data areas corresponding to the data model diagrams in The Data Model Resource Book plus additional models that have been developed since then. It contains comprehensive definitions for entities and attributes, and extensive details such as domains, data types and lengths.

    • Experience and Universal Models in Many Industries – UDM has a great deal of experience in many industries and has applied them widely across various types of enterprises.
Mission Statement

To integrate Data, Systems and People