High Praise for UDM Seminars

"This is the very best seminar I have ever attended. The examples of situations encountered in the ‘real world’ were excellent. We have subsequently used many of the Universal Models from the course on several projects to successfully implement modified versions these of these designs."
Cindy Nixon, Data Warehouse Consultant, Frontline Systems

“This is a very useful seminar that I would recommend to architects and designers. It was particularly valuable in that it re-affirmed and extended much of the knowledge I already had. We will definitely use these templates as the starting point for new designs and re-designs.”

Rod Russell, VP Solution Development, eXcape Business Transactions, Inc.

“Len's ability to equate examples to participants in specific industries was awesome. His delivery of material was riveting. I acquired a considerable amount of new information in addition to reaffirming approaches currently taken in my organization. “
W. Beach, British Columbia Ministry of Health

"Mr. Silverston validated that IBM's approach in using template models is an effective way to establish a corporate data model and effectively and efficiently design databases at the application level. The course was excellent."
Steven Arbogast, Enterprise Information Management Program Director, IBM

“Great instructor, I liked the fact that he used lots of success stories and examples. Great timing since we were just beginning our data warehouse efforts.”
Data Warehouse Analyst, manufacturing organization

“Len Silverston was very knowledgeable and spoke on a level appropriate for the experience and novice. We learned a lot in 3 days and went from very little knowledge to a really good foundation to start a data warehouse effort.”
Data Warehouse Architect, manufacturing and distribution organization

“Len Silverston is an excellent instructor. His ability to give real life examples and to draw out the participants was excellent. We are taking home a long list of things to tackle using these tools, as soon as we get back to our data warehousing effort.”
Data Warehouse Consultant, distribution organization