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Universal Data Models substantially reduces the time and costs of any modeling, design or semantic effort such as data modeling, business glossary, data lake, Data Vault, data warehousing, semantics, taxonomies, and ontologies via its unique reusable templates, or Universal Data Models®. We offer an efficient approach to developing high quality data architectures, data integration strategies, data models, glossaries, taxonomies. Founded by Len Silverston, bestselling author of "The Data Model Resource Book."

"Don't Reinvent the Wheel. Reuse our Data Models and Governance Templates"

Len Silverston, Founder and CEO

Success Stories

"Red Robin International has recently been recognized in the restaurant industry for technical excellence and was awarded the Team Excellence Award by Nation’s Restaurant News in part because of the Data Warehousing project led by Len Silverston of Universal Data Models. This project jump started Red Robin International into the data mining analysis very quickly and at a relatively low cost thanks to the templates provided by Universal Data Models and their existing models. Our business partners – Finance and Operations were quick to see the advantages and with little or no learning curves were producing..." 

Howard Jenkins, VP-MIS "Of Service"
RED ROBIN INTERNATIONAL, Corporate Support Center