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Data Modeling

We offer template, re-usable data models, or Universal Data Models, that help jump-start data modeling efforts while offering various alternatives to consider. We help organizations customize these models very quickly and efficiently.

Organizational Change Management

We have a very deep, practical and results-oriented organizational change management program specifically designed for an IT audience. We know the scenarios that occur in IT and this aspect of these programs can be a ‘make or break’ factor, depending on how well the human side is addressed. We have many tools, techniques, training programs, experience, and success in this area.

Data Governance

We have helped many organizations establish and execute on data governance programs and achieve substantial return of investments in these programs, for example, one program won an international achievement award, based on the return on investment they received. We have a great amount of templates, training, materials, and success in helping jump-start these programs.

Information Strategy

We have helped organizations develop strategies for their data management and systems and lay out approaches, strategies, realistic milestones and deliverables for many parts of the data strategy including modeling, governance, architecture and organizational change management.